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You need a drill that gets you in those nooks and crannies without a cord tying you down. If you’re looking for a cordless drill set that won’t drill a hole in your wallet, read on as we have extensively covered many manufacturers of power drill sets to create our top 4 preferences under a hundred buckaroos.

Before we start reviewing any of these electric drillers, let’s go over the basic anatomy of a drill.

Drill bit -The detachable and interchangeable drill part that goes into a surface. The reviewed drill sets all come with various drill bits to accommodate different tasks such as screwing or boring a hole.

Chuck – This is the part of the drill that rotates and holds the drill bit in place. A stable chuck should be able to hold the drill bit in place without any wiggling.

Clutch – This feature allows the drill to halt once a specific resistance is reached. This stops the drill from over-screwing, making it difficult to adjust or remove later. Most cordless drills will have a clutch with a wide variety of settings.

Switch – This is a toggleable switch that reverses the rotation.

Battery – Power source

RPM – Rotations per minute

Top 4 Cordless Drill Sets

ProductWeightBatteriesDrill Bits Included?RatingPrice
BLACK DECKER LD120VA4 lbs1Y9.5 Check Price
WORKPRO Pink Cordless 20V4.08 lbs1Y9.1 Check Price
Bosch Power Tools Drill Kit DDB181-023 lbs2N9.8 Check Price
DEWALT DCD777C2 Brushless Compact Drill Driver2.5 lbs2N8.5 Check Price


This 20-Volt drill is enough for any basic home DIY projects. It comes with 30 different drill bits for a range of tasks. Do note that it comes with only 1 lithium-ion battery. If you are planning to do any heavy-duty work (such as hardwood or metal), it is a good idea to purchase another battery. The battery does have a long shelf life as it can go months and still hold a charge.

It has an ergonomic grip so you can perform your drilling at ease. As standard for most cordless drills, this one has 24 clutch settings. This is a nice cheap drill that can get you through most home projects. Do note that some users experienced fast heating of the unit, but this is fixed by how fast it cools down with the vents.

WORKPRO Pink Cordless 20V

Yes, it is a pink drill, but don’t think that makes it any less powerful! This 20V battery works just as well as the previous drill. One nice highlight is that it features an LED light above the trigger. For those working in the dark, this is a must-have.

It has two speeds ranging from 0-400 RPM and 0-1500 RPM. It also has 21+1 different torque settings that can be changed to give varying power.
The kit includes 6 varying sizes of drill bits, an extension bar, and 10 Cr-v bits (these are the tips for screw-driving).
If you are looking for a budget yet powerful gift for a lady friend, mother, or daughter, the pink color is sure to put a sparkle in their eye.

Bosch Power Tools Drill Kit DDB181-02

While this drill has a slightly lower voltage of 18V, this allows the drill to be compact at a mere 3 lbs.  For those with fragile hands, this is a must-have as it won’t be jerking your hand around as the other drills would.

This drill features 2-speed transmission: one for heavy-duty and the other for high speeds.  Attaching drill bits is a snap and haggle-free.  Don’t want to wait for the battery to charge?  No worries, this kit comes with 2 next-generation lithium-ion batteries that are designed to remove heat.

It also has an LED light at the base of the grip for those dark workspaces.  Do note that this kit only comes with the bare tool.  The drill bits and extensions will have to be purchased separately.

DEWALT DCD777C2 Brushless Compact Drill Driver

The brushless motor of this drill allows a more efficient motor for lighter loads. For drilling holes, this brushless drill gives around 35% more holes on a single battery.  However, this drill has a plastic chuck which makes it worn down faster for drilling holes.  If you are looking to just fasten screws, this is the perfect driver.

Just like the previously reviewed drills, this DEWALT drill driver has an LED light and comes with 2 20V lithium-ion batteries.  No drill bits come with this kit but an extra battery is better than drill bits which you can purchase more easily.

This is the lightest and most compact drill at 3.5 lbs.

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